The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, has visited Gradiška today and met with the city leadership.

The President of the Republic of Srpska stated that Gradiška was one of the leading cities in Srpska in terms of attracting investments, and that results of the City Administration’s efforts to create good living conditions for citizens were increasingly evident.

“Gradiška is taking big steps forward, and everything that the republic government has done here so far will be continued in the future so that we can be at the service of the citizens”, said the President Cvijanović.

The President of the Republic expressed contentment with the demonstrated ability of the City Administration in previous years to attract foreign investors, but also to design quality projects and to attract funds from domestic and international institutions.

“These are indicators that show that Gradiška is a leader in that area and I am glad that through good cooperation in previous years we have built a solid bridge between republic and local authorities and thus ensured that many projects were implemented here”, said the President of Srpska.

The President of the Republic of Srpska emphasized the importance of this cooperation in order to recognize, but also to implement the needs of citizens, and expressed support for the persistence of the city authorities to find ways to implement projects important for the citizens.

“In recent years, we have invested more than 400 million KM in strategic projects in Gradiška and thus, as the Republic, we showed our attitude towards the city and development, because Gradiška had numerous geographical and location capacities, which made it even more interesting to foreign investors”, said the President Cvijanović.

The President of the Republic expressed satisfaction with the industrial zone being filled, and that more and more foreign investors were interested in opening their plants in Gradiška and in creating new opportunities for employment.

“There is no outflow of labor, which is very important for new investors, and I am especially pleased with the growing need for kindergarten accommodation, and the construction of new and upgrading of existing kindergartens”, said the President Cvijanović.

The President of the Republic of Srpska stated that ways to fulfil these needs were discussed at the meeting, and announced that part of funds for the upgrade of the kindergarten in Nova Topola would be allocated from the Budget of the President of the Republic, which would provide additional accommodation for about 100 or 120 children.

The President of Srpska stated that a growing need for additional accommodation capacities of kindergartens was consequence of new employments in Gradiška.

The President of the Republic said that the traffic and road projects in the final phase, such as the construction of a new bridge over the Sava River, would significantly contribute to the development of Gradiška.

“That will imply a completely new Gradiška, relieved from the traffic aspect, but also the flow of people and goods crossing the border with Croatia. There will be a lot of work, but also new content”, said the President Cvijanović.

After the meeting, the President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, visited the Temple of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God and the location planned for the implementation of the “Serb Town” project.