The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković, has said today in Žepa that a brutal crime took place in this place 30 years ago, in which 45 Serb fighters were killed, and that this could neither be forgiven nor forgotten, and that it would not be allowed to carry out what the Muslim side began in 1992.

“By your cowardly act, you provoked a reaction from the Serbs saying stop, this is our country, and we are staying here. Look at history and you will see that you have not moved much away from Orthodoxy, but you only changed your religion at one point”, the Prime Minister Višković pointed out.

As he said, they thought that they would send a message that Serbs have nothing to do here and that they should move.

“They say it is Christian to forgive, but things like this cannot be forgiven because you behaved like cowards, inhuman and that is why we cannot and will not forgive or forget”, the Prime Minister Višković pointed out.

The Prime Minister Višković reminded that the Serb soldiers had been attacked during a humanitarian action, since they had been supposed to deliver food and water to the young army in Zlovrh.

“They promised to allow it and not to do any excesses. When they saw that our people came and were almost unprepared for the fight, then they used it and committed one of the most horrific crimes in the history of Pale”, said the Prime Minister Višković after paying tribute to the fallen soldiers.

He added that they would gather at this place so that such events would never be forgotten, and that they were there today for that reason.

“I am glad that the Veterans’ Organizations of Pale, East Stari Grad and Han Pijesak have launched an initiative to resolve property and legal relations and to make a new conceptual solution of this complex at both locations”, said Višković.

He added that the Government would take over the costs of arranging the complex as soon as the property-legal relations were over, because those people had died here and deserved it.

Višković mentioned that when they had left home, many did not have in their subconscious to go to the action, but to deliver food and drinks, but they were attacked by “brave fighters” of the 28th Division of the so-called Army of BiH to demonstrate their force.

He pointed out that today they were trying to present themselves as anti-fascists, “some patriots who are for peace”.

“You are neither anti-fascists nor are you for peace. Even today, you are trying to put into action what you started in 1992. We will not allow you to do that”, said the Prime Minister Višković.

According to him, the place where 45 Serb soldiers were killed in a Muslim ambush in Žepa 30 years ago deserved to be arranged in the best light, adding that the property and legal issue had not been resolved yet, but that he expected the issue to be resolved very soon, and then the government would approve funding for the project.

He is taking it upon himself, as he pointed out, to raise funds to arrange the memorials to the fallen Serb soldiers near Žepa, as envisaged by the conceptual design.

He reminded that the municipal veterans’ organizations of Pale, East Stari Grad and Han Pijesak had initiated an action to arrange the memorials on which the names of the killed Serb veterans had been written on June 4, 1992.

“This place deserves to be decorated in the best light, and not to allow it to decay in any way”, concluded the Prime Minister Višković.