The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković, and Mayor of Nevesinje Municipality, Milenko Avdalović, have opened today the reconstructed section of the Nevesinje-Mostar road, from Bišina to Bakračuša.

The Prime Minister Višković stated that Nevesinje deserved the section of the road towards Mostar to be reconstructed and announced the continuation of similar infrastructure projects in Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska.

“Herzegovina can say that the moment has finally come to resolve all the pressing issues concerning the road infrastructure”, said the Prime Minister Višković.

The Prime Minister said that he was sure that this road would benefit all the inhabitants of Herzegovina, since it was one of the busiest in the area, stating that it was an investment worth about 3.5 million KM.

The Prime Minister Višković expressed his contentment with the completion of the works on that road at the end of the mandate of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, pointing out that the contractors had done a quality job.

He also reminded that the road from Trebinje to Ljubinje had been rehabilitated more than a year ago and that the section of the road from Ljubinje via Žegulja to the entity border would be continued.

“Furthermore, funds have been approved for the part of the road from Gacko to Vrba, a contractor was selected, property and legal issues were being worked on, and after that, work would begin on that section as well”, the Prime Minister Višković announced.

He pointed out that less than a month ago, the Government of the Republic of Srpska had adopted a new zoning plan for solving land expropriation for the construction of a new road from Tjentište to the Drina and a bridge over the Drina.

“The 12 million KM road is being rehabilitated for, in September we introduced a contractor to the works from Foča to Šćepan Polje, and as soon as we finish the property and legal affairs from Tjentište to the Drina, we can start solving the road communication between Tjentište and Brod on the Drina, which is a weak point of the road communications of Herzegovina with the rest of Srpska”, stated the Prime Minister Višković.

He said that he expected the construction of that road to start in the spring.

The open, rehabilitated section of the Nevesinje-Mostar road, from Bišina to Bakračuša, is the busiest in eastern Herzegovina, with more than 1,000 vehicles passing through it every day.

The rehabilitation of the road from the entity border to Nevesinje, with a length of 10.7 kilometers, began in October last year and was completely covered with new asphalt.

The works were financed by the Public Company “Roads of the Republic of Srpska”.