The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković has visited today the municipality of Višegrad where he met with the mayor of this municipality, Mladen Đurević.

After the meeting, the Prime Minister Višković stated that development of this local community was currently hampered by the lack of parliamentary majority, and told councilors to take responsibility and that citizens expected results.

He pointed out that the lack of the parliamentary majority in Višegrad caused huge damage to the local community and citizens, and noted that the municipal budget was on temporary financing and was at the level of the 2020 budget.

“I told people who belonged to both sides of the Assembly that they were responsible and that citizens expected benefits and results from them. A session of the Municipal Assembly would be held soon and I had been informed that support would be given to the Draft Budget proposed by Mayor Đurević, and that, I believe, is the first step towards further development of this local community”, said the Prime Minister Višković.

The Prime Minister said that he had discussed investing in this municipality with the Mayor Đurević.

“The Mayor informed me that a private investor wanted to build in the area of this municipality, and that is the industrial zone in Terpentin owned by a private person. The Government of Srpska will help both sides to be satisfied, so that as many jobs as possible are created in Višegrad”, said the Prime Minister Višković.

He said that Andrićgrad was also discussed, which should become part of the Olympic Center “Jahorina”, in order to make a connection between summer and winter tourism, and stressed that for that reason they were working on building a major tourist complex.

The Mayor Đurević thanked for all the projects for which the Government of the Republic of Srpska had allocated funds, including the construction of a water supply and sewerage network, and the construction of a road to Stari Brod.

“This year, we have received funds for the construction of a boiler room in the settlement of Bikavac, as well as for the reconstruction of the bridge in Dobrun”, said the Mayor Đurević.

He said that potential investors for the municipality of Višegrad were also discussed.

“We have also discussed about projects that would be implemented by the hydro power plant on the territory of our municipality. The water permit for the hydro power plant is being prepared, and together with them, we are giving proposals for projects that would be of interest to the local community”, Đurević stated.

According to him, the “Roads of the Republic of Srpska” has initiated tender documentation for the preparation of the necessary documentation for the routes Rogatica - Višegrad and Dobrun - Vardište, which is a good message for the development of the road infrastructure in this area.